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Caliper 2021 Demo Reel

Caliper 2021 Demo Reel

          Our demo reel intros have become pretty important to us. Since we never have a ton of time to work on them, it’s a fun challenge to see what we can kick out in a super short timeline. This year we decided to take a couple weeks to concept and build out an animation-based grocery store, complete with two fully modeled and rigged characters and tons of silly background props. We spent a lot of time making labels for background objects, and had a blast making custom Substance textures for our main characters and a few hero items.
          This project was a great chance for us to practice our edge flow and modeling skills, and perfect the even more daunting task of creating geometry that’s easy to UV unwrap (and, subsequently, easy to texture). RizomUV has been essential to get our models from C4D into Substance Painter, and ultimately give our textures in Redshift an even more dynamic quality.
          In an attempt to get that hand-animated Wallace & Gromit vibe, we animated everything on twos and kept it pretty fast-paced and choppy. Wes Anderson’s animated films were also a great inspiration for this, and a lot of our editing decisions were influenced by films like Isle of Dogs.
          This whole process was so fun, and we can’t wait to see what we end up doing with some of our new skills.



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