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SERI's "Journey to Electronics Sustainability"

SERI's "Journey to Electronics Sustainability"

We were approached by SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) at the beginning of 2023. They were looking to take an idea that they had been working on for years and finally bring it to production. After checking out their original concepts, we were excited by the potential we saw to create something in a style we have been holding in our back pocket for just such an occasion. We pitched an original script for the story of a cellphone locked in a closet and forgotten. He stages a daring escape to a better life where he would be repaired and used to his maximum potential.



B2C_Animation_0601 (0-00-06-13).png
Main Phone 0002_edited_edited.png

The team at SERI gave us an incredible opportunity with this piece. We were able to call on Isaac Brockshus, a fantastic composer that wrote some amazing original music for us, as well as Will de Renzy-Martin, the voiceover artist that brought our character to life. The creative freedom on the project allowed us to really test our skills and pushed us to create something much bigger than we thought we could.


Using Cinema 4D and Redshift we wanted to do everything we could to invoke the feelings of real stop motion. Looking to the greatest to ever play the game, Wallace and Gromit, we painted our 3D assets in Substance Painter for that hand made feeling. Our characters are animated on 2's using step frames in C4D to get us as close to stop-motion as we could. This project was an incredible experience for us and we cannot thank SERI enough for this amazing opportunity.


Conception & Script:
Joey Gasiorek, Katey Marquette, Lauren Steinke

Illustration: Katey Marquette, Lauren Steinke

Modeling & Set Design: Joey Gasiorek, Katey Marquette

Cinematography & Lighting: Joey Gasiorek, Katey Marquette

Texturing: Katey Marquette, Lauren Steinke

Animation: Joey Gasiorek

Composer & Sound Designer: Isaac Brockshus
Voice Over Artist: Will de Renzy-Martin

Re-Recording Mix Engineer: Ian Campbell

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