Caliper Productions is the moniker for freelance partners-in-crime,

Katey Marquette Joey Gasiorek.

Together, we have skills that range from animation and illustration to brand development and direction.


We both have experience managing, producing and creating digital content in a variety of situations, and we've gotten pretty good at doing it together or separately.  Whether we're collaborating with motion studios, or producing digital content for local companies, we're ready to take on any challenge.

Check out some of the work that we've created together in our reel and on our work page.

Katey is a motion designer, illustrator, and creative director who believes that every office should be dog-friendly, and that's a hard stance.  When she's not producing projects for Caliper and meticulously color-coding spreadsheets, you can usually find her squinting at pixels and downloading every free font off the internet.

You can chat with Katey about her qualifications and which font you think she should use at You can also watch her mograph reel here.


Contact us.

Katey Marquette

Freelance Illustration & Direction

(720) 331-1125 

Joey Gasiorek

Freelance Animation & Direction

(303) 715-8828 

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Katey Marquette | (720) 331-1125 |

Joey Gasiorek | (303) 715-8828 |