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The Epigraph: A Study of Titles

The Epigraph: A Study of Titles

          After several long years in college (Katey essentially has a Master's in design, just based off credit hours alone), we decided that the perfect senior thesis an exploration of the purpose and uses of title sequences - considered by most to be the beginning of motion design.

          "I approached my pitch video as a means to quickly identify my “problem” (that opening credits don’t often receive the credit they deserve) while attempting to summarize the research I had accomplished by this point. It was my hope to combine my research and conceptual skills with my interest in motion and film.  My end goal was to utilize research and analysis to examine the roles of title sequences in the narrative and brand identity of a film or series.

          At two minutes long, the goal for my final title sequence was to make the audience uneasy; a looming, ominous feeling encroaching over them.  With visuals that lean on the concept of government conspiracy and sci-fi elements, the Unit-E titles should provide a feeling of conformity and intimidation.  Ultimately, we hope that this piece has “emotional resonance” with the audience, creating “a climate” for the universe this film takes place in."

- Katey

There was also a 90-page dissertation that was 25% geeking out about Saul Bass.  Ask us about it some time.


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