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Yarlap Explainers

Yarlap Explainers

          Yarlap approached us with the unique needs of selling a product that nobody wants to talk about. Yarlap is a small startup in Ohio making a device to help women who suffer from incontinence. Utilizing light colors and soft, bouncy movements, we attempted to give the Yarlap explainer a friendly, approachable feeling.  Most medical videos are sterile and clinical, and we wanted to approach this from a design standpoint first and foremost.

YARLAP, 2018

          Yarlap returned to us looking for another piece to help reach a younger group of women who are often missed by this type of product. Knowing the type of person they wanted to reach we thought it was important to address the problem head-on and with a bit of humor, while also pulling from real stories from women.

YARLAP, 2019